Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Beautiful You (MBC , 2016)

Beautiful You (아름다운 당신)  is a 2016 South Korean television series directed by Ko Dong-seon (고동선) . starring Lee So-yeon , Kang Eun-tak and Seo Do-yeong.


  • Drama: Beautiful You / 아름다운 당신 (MBC , 2016)
  • Korean : Areumdaun Dangsin
  • Aka : Golden Pond
  • Director : Ko Dong-seon (고동선)
  • Writer : Park Jeong-ran (박정란)
  • Genre: Period drama
  • Episodes: 122
  • Broadcast network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: (Nov 09 , 2016) 
  • Languange : Korean 
  • Country : South Korea


When her parents disapprove of her boyfriend, Seo-gyeong decides to elope with him to America and only when she becomes a mother herself does she understand her parents and how important family is. During her darkest hours, her family was there for her. When she is caught in a love triangle with two suitors, she finds her true self through love, courage and emotional healing.  (MBC)


  • Lee So-yeon (이소연) as Cha Seo-kyeong (차서경)
  • Kang Eun-tak (강은탁) as Ha Jin-hyeong (하진형)
  • Seo Do-yeong (서도영) as Kim Seong-joon (김성준)
  • ----------------------
  • Jeong Ae-ri (정애리) as Jo Yeong-seon (조영선)
  • Park Geun-hyeong (박근형) as Jo Yoon-jae (조윤재)
  • Kim Gyoo-seon (김규선) as Cha Seo-dong (차서동)
  • Gong Myeong (공명) as Cha Tae-woo (차태우)
  • -----------------------
  • Han Gi-joong (한기중) as Ha Jong-soo (하종수)
  • Moon Hee-kyeong (문희경)   as Lee Ha-yeon (이하연)
  • Lee Seul-ah (이슬아) as Ha Jeong-yeon (하정연)
  • --------------------------
  • Ban Hyo-Jeong (반효정) as Han Soon-hee (한순희)
  • Choi Seok-goo (최석구) as Lee Jong-han (이종한)
  • Yeo Ee-joo (여의주) as Ma Seung-gi (마승기)
  • Kim Ji-seong (김지성) as Na Yoon-jeong (나윤정)
  • Lee Si-won (이시원)  as Kim Soo-jin (김수진)
  • Hong Yoon-hee (홍윤희) as Bae Hyeon-sook (배현숙)
  • Kim Seung-hyeon (김승현) as Byeon Jin-ho (변진호)
  • Jo Yeong-hoon (조영훈) as Jeong-seop (정섭)
  • Kim Chae-eun (김채은) as Lee Yoon-i (이윤이) 
  • Kim So-yeong (김소영)
  • Joey Albright (죠이 알브라이트)
  • Yoon Ye-hee (윤예희)  as Jin-ok (진옥)
  • Baek Min (백민)
  • Kang Woo-je (강우제)


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