Monday, 31 October 2016

Always Spring (MBC - 2016)

Always Spring (언제나 봄날)  is a 2016 Korean television series directed by Lee Hyeong-seon (이형선)


  • Drama: Always Spring / 언제나 봄날 (MBC - 2016)
  • Korean : Unjena Bomnal / 언제나 봄날 (MBC - 2016)
  • Director: Lee Hyeong-seon (이형선)
  • Writer: Kim Mi-kyeong (김미경)
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 120
  • Release Date: October 31, 2016 
  • Runtime: Weekdays 07:50-08:30
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


With an underlying theme of hope in a stressful, disconnected world, this drama centers around filial piety, family bonds and people of good character. This drama reveals the true meaning of marriage and love by depicting the current dating scene and social attitudes while contrasting the personalities amongst young people looking for a husband based on the man's social and wealth status instead of true love. There are good times and also bad times in life, but by having your loved ones by your side will make every day feel like a pleasant springtime. --MBC Global


  • Seon-Woo Jae-Deok (선우재덕) as Joo Myeon-sik (주면식)
  • Kang Byeol (강별)  as Joo In-jeong (주인정)
  • Kwon Hyeon-sang (권현상)  as Kang Yoon-ho (강윤호)
  • Kim So-hye (김소혜) as Joo Eun-hye (주은혜)
  • Park Jeong-uk (박정욱) as Goo Hyeon-joon (구현준)
  • Kim Seong-gyeom (김성겸) as Joo Tae-pyeong (주태평)
  • Oh Mi-yeon (오미연) as Son Hye-ja (손혜자)
  • Choi Soo-rin (최수린) as Park Jong-sim (박종심)
  • Hahn Jae-seok (한재석) as Joo In-tae (주인태)
  • Lee Yoo-joo (이유주) as Joo Bo-hyeon (주보현)
  • Lee Jeong-Gil (이정길) as Kang Deok-sang (강덕상)
  • Choi Sang-hoon (최상훈)as Kang Han-gil (강한길)
  • Jang Hee-soo (장희수) as Lee Mi-seon (이미선)
  • Kim Ji-hyang (김지향) as Kang Yoo-ri (강유리)*
  • Kim Hyeong-jong (김형종) as Joo Moon-sik (주문식)
  • Lee Sang-Ah (이상아) as Jeong Hae-seon (정해선)
  • No Haeng-ha (노행하) as Goo Ji-yoon (구지윤)
  • Lee Hae-joon (이해준) as Park Joon-ha (박준하)
  • Lee Seung-yoon (이승윤)  as Special appearance (특별출연)
  • Dan-woo (단우) as Jang Tae-woo (장태우)*


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