Monday, 4 January 2016

The Cravings Season 2 (Naver TV Cast - 2016)

The Cravings Season 2 (출출한 여자 시즌2)  is a 2016 Korean television drama directed by Kim In-seon (김인선), Lee Woo-jeong (이우정), Yoon Se-yeong (윤세영) and Yoon Seong-ho (윤성호)


  • Drama : The Cravings Season 2 / 출출한 여자 시즌2 (Naver , 2016) 
  • Korean : Chul Chul Han Yeo Ja Si Jeun 2
  • DirectorKim In-seon (김인선), Lee Woo-jeong (이우정), Yoon Se-yeong (윤세영), Yoon Seong-ho (윤성호)
  • Episodes : 10
  • Broadcast Period : (January 04 , 2016) 
  • Broadcast Network : NAVER tvcast
  • Genre :romance , comedy
  • Air time : Monday
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


I do not eat because I’m hungry.  Getting older does not necessarily mean getting more prosperous in life. For the single lady Je-gal Jae-yeong, dealing with love, career, friendship, and family relationship is still difficult.  Moving to a new neighborhood, making friends with new weird people, getting a new job and encountering her boyfriend’s new girlfriend weren’t that easy. To make things worse, she suffers from a disease that developed newly. Let’s experience the solace of her daily warm meal that will comfort her living the tough life.  Please meet Je-gal Jae-yeong in January 2016, who cooks with whatever may be available, and feeds herself randomly.



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