Thursday, 14 January 2016

Mood of the Day (2016 film)

Mood of the Day (그날의 분위기) is a 2016 South-Korean romance film directed by Jo Kyoo-jang (조규장)


  • Movie: Mood of the Day  / 그날의 분위기 (2016)
  • Korean : Guenaleui Boonwigi
  • Director:  Jo Kyoo-jang (조규장)
  • Writer: Min So-yeon (민소연)
  • Release Date: January 14 , 2016
  • Runtime: 103 minutes
  • Genre : romance-comedy
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


This movie is about the anxiouness and solitude of a man who's lost his memory.


  • Moon Chae-Won (문채원) as Bae Soo-jeong (배수정)
  • Yoo Yeon-seok (유연석) as Kim Jae-hyeon (김재현)
  • Jo Jae-yoon (조재윤)  as Senior Kang (강선배)
  • Park Min-woo (박민우) as Kang Jin-cheol (강진철)
  • Lee Yeon-doo (이연두) as Bo-kyeong (보경)
  • Lee Eon-jeong (이언정) as Byeong-hee (병희)
  • Ga Deuk-hee (가득희) as Yoon-joo (윤주)
  • Lee Hae-yeong (이해영) as Representative 
  • Han Cheol-woo (한철우) as Taxi driver  
  • Kim Dae-ryung (김대령) as Coach
  • Lee Do-yeon (이도연) as KTX cart woman
  • Lee Joo-woo (이주우) as Info lady
  • Lee Jeong-eun (이정은) as Rainbow restaurant aunt
  • Jo In-woo (조인우) as Agency junior 
  • Kim Nak-hyeong (김낙형) as Guard
  • Kim Soo-hyeon (김수현) as Playground child
  • Moon Se-yoon (문세윤) as Service center junior - Cameo 
  • Lizzy (리지) as Song-i - Cameo
  • In Gyo-jin (인교진) as Dong-wook - Cameo
  • Kim Seul-gi (김슬기) as Deputy Hong - Cameo
  • Lee Joon-ik (이준익)


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