Thursday, 14 January 2016

Like a French Film (2016 film)

Like a French Film (프랑스 영화처럼) is a 2016 South-Korean film directed by Shin Yeon-shick (신연식)


  • Movie: Like a French Film / 프랑스 영화처럼 (2016)
  • Korean : Guenaleui Boonwigi
  • Director: Shin Yeon-shick (신연식)
  • Writer: Shin Yeon-shick (신연식)
  • Release Date: January 14 , 2016
  • Runtime: 102 minutes
  • Genre : drama
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


One day a mother gather her 4 daughters to reveals that she get cancels and chooses euthanasia . A couple , Steve and So-yeon , have 100 days left by a fortune teller to break up otherwise they will both die. Soo-min , a loser man who has crush on Gi-hong , but his sister advises him to stop . But when he gets call , he goes to see Gi-hong with confident.


  • Lee Yeong-ran (이영란) as Mom (엄마)
  • Jeon Ji-yoon (전지윤) as Yoon-so (윤소)
  • Kim Da-Som (김다솜) as Gi-hong (기홍)
  • Jung Jun-won (정준원) as Poet (시인)
  • Soy (소이) as So-yeon (소연)
  • Steven Yeun (스티븐 연) as Steve (스티브)
  • Shin Min-chul (신민철) as Soo-min (수민)
  • Shin Ji-Soo (신지수) as Eun-so (은소)
  • Lee Sae-byeol (이새별) as Min-so (민소)
  • Jeong Seong-il (정성일) as Cheong-nyeon (청년)
  • Lee Do-ah (이도아) as Ji-so (지소)
  • Lee Kwang-hoon (이광훈) as Lawyer
  • Lee Yoo-mi (이유미)
  • Kim Jeong-pal (김정팔) as client
  • Woo Don-gi (우돈기) as client
  • Kim Joon-hyeong (김준형)
  • Bong Man-dae (봉만대) as  Teacher Kim - Cameo
  • Fujii Mina (藤井美菜) as 
  • Jeong Han-bi (정한비)  
  • Jeong Jun-won (정준원)


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