Thursday, 21 January 2016

Half (2016 film)

Half  (하프) is a 2016 South-Korean romance film directed by Kim Se-yeon (김세연) , starring Ahn Yong-joon and Jeong Yoo-seok .


  • Movie: Half  / 하프 (2016)
  • Korean : Hapeu
  • Director: Kim Se-yeon (김세연)
  • Writer: Kim Se-yeon (김세연)
  • Release Date: January 21 , 2016
  • Runtime: 96 minutes
  • Genre : drama
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Min-ah is a transgender who struggles with his sexual identity . Working at transgender bar , Min-ah accidentally kill the male customer , to defend her colleague .  At the beginning , Min-ah is placed in a men's jail , and finally transferred to females prison , but still suffers from misunderstanding for her transgender identity.  Based on true story about a shemale jailed with male inmates.


  • Ahn Yong-joon (안용준) as Lee Min-soo (이민수)/Lee Min-ah (이민아)
  • Jeong Yoo-seok (정유석) as Kim Gi-joo (김기주)
  • Song Yeong-gyoo (송영규)  as Big sister Wang (왕언니)
  • Moon Se-yoon (문세윤) as Pink (핑크)
  • Jin Hye-kyeong (진혜경) as Yoo-ri (유리)
  • Kim Hae-rim (김해림) as Se-hee (세희)
  • Choi Min (최민) as Lawyer Cha (차변호사)
  • Kim Yeong-seon (김영선)  as Min-ah's mother 
  • Han Seong-yong (한성용) as Purser  
  • Jo Kyoo-hyeon (조규현) as Assault man
  • Lee Se-rang (이세랑) as Theft woman
  • Baek In-kwon (백인권) as Inmate 1
  • Sin Hyeon-seung (신현승) as Inmate 2 (재소자2)
  • Lim So-mi (임소미) as Pildo woman
  • Kim Beom-joon (김범준) as child Gi-joo
  • Song Dong-hwan (송동환) as officer
  • Kim Yeon-soo (김연수) as salon girl 
  • Jo Deok-jae (조덕제) as Judge 
  • Moon Kyeong-min (문경민) as Kang Pil-seong
  • Song Min-soo (성민수) as Jail manager
  • Choi Beom-ho (최범호) as Warden



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