Thursday, 21 November 2013

Precious Love (2013 film)


Precious Love (완전 소중한 사랑) is a 2013 South-Korean film directed by Kim Jin-min (김진민) , starring Sim I-yeong and Lim Ji-gyoo.


  • Movie: Precious Love / 완전 소중한 사랑 (2013) 
  • Aka : Its Time To Love
  • Director: Kim Jin-min (김진민)
  • Producer:
  • Writer: Park Ah-na (박아나)
  • Release Date : November 21 , 2013
  • Runtime : 118minutes
  • Genre : Drama
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Precious Love is about a woman who tries to suicide after her dreams to become a singer never come true , and a man who suffered childhood cancer.  


  • Sim I-yeong (심이영) as Ye-na (예나)
  • Lim Ji-gyoo (임지규) as On-yoo (온유)
  • Eom Soo-Jeong (엄수정) as Se-yeong (세영)
  • Lee Woo-Jin (이우진) as Sa-rang-i (사랑이)
  • Yoon Bong-gil (윤봉길) as Yong-soo (용수)
  • Yoo Ye-il (유예일) as Jin-ah (진아)
  • Lee Kyeong-Jin (이경진) as On-yoo's mom 
  • Kim Hyeon-ah (김현아) as Chief nurse
  • Lee Yeong-ih (이용이) as Sa-rang-i's grandmother
  • Lee Jae-Goo (이재구) as Ye-na's dad
  • Mi Ram (미람) as young Ye-na (예나) 
  • Lee Ji-woo (이지우) as young Jo-i
  • Kim Min-kyeong (김민경) as
  • Choi Chang-yeop (최창엽) as young On-yoo (온유)
  • Hong Jeong-Ho (홍정호) as *
  • Choi Hui-seo (최희서) as PD Jeong (정PD)
  • Kim Dong-gyu (김동규) as Pink boys 
  • Hong Ye-eun (홍예은) as Pink lady 
  • Kim Jin-min (김진민) as Government staff  
  • Kim Seong-won (김성원) as Kwik delivery man
  • Kim Byeong-cheol (김병철) as On-yoo's elder brother 
  • Kong Jeong-hwan (공정환) as Eun-tae (cameo) 
  • Lee Jeong-hak (이정학) as PD Byeon (cameo)
  • Yang Han-yeol (양한열) as On-yoo's nephew
  • Seo Dong-gab (서동갑) as Se-yeong's ex 
  • Kim Seon-yeong (김선영) as Workshop guest couple 2 - Cameo 
  • Ahn Sang-tae (안상태) as Plastic surgeon - Special appearance 
  • Kim Bo-Mi (김보미) as Bo-ra
  • Kim Kwang-sik (김광식) as Wine bar guest 1 - Cameo


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