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No-Breath (2013 film)


No-Breath (노브레싱) is a 2013 South-Korean sport film directed by Cho Yong-Sun (조용선) , starring Seo In-guk , Kwon Yoo-ri and Lee Jong-suk .


  • Movie: No-Breath / 노브레싱 (2013)
  • Also known as : No-Breathing , Nobeureshing
  • Director: Cho Yong-Sun (조용선)
  • Producer:
  • Writer: Yoo Yeong-ah (유영아)
  • Release Date : October 30 , 2013
  • Runtime :
  • Genre : drama , sport
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Woosang (Lee Jong-Suk) is a South Korean’s national swimmer , and his ambition is to be the best swimmer . Wonil (Seo In-Guk) is a young talented swimmer , who makes a comeback. The two join a swimming competition for love and achievement.


  • Lee Jong-suk (이종석) as Woo-sang (우상)
  • Seo In-guk (서인국) as Won-il (원일)
  • Kwon Yoo-ri (권유리) as Jeong-eun (정은)
  • Park Cheol-min (박철민) as Jae-seok (재석)
  • Park Jeong-cheol (박정철) as Coach Jang (장코치)
  • Shin Min-chul (신민철) as Jeong-dong (정동)
  • Ayoung (아영) as Se-mi (세미)
  • Kim Jae-yeong (김재영) as Dae-chan (대찬)
  • Seon-woo Jae-deok (선우재덕) as Woo-sang's father (우상부)
  • Park Yong-sik (박용식) as as Swimming Association head
  • Park Hyeon-Woo (박현우) as Jo Min-gook (조민국)
  • Jeon Bo-mi (전보미) as Ha-na (하나)
  • Nam Da-reum (남다름) as young Woo-sang (어린우상)
  • Yoo Seung-yong (유승용) as young Won-il (어린원일)
  • Jeong Mi-seong (정민성) as Announcer (아나운서)
  • Lee Il-min (이일민) as Swimming team 2
  • Ahn Soo-hyeon (안수현) as Won-il's mother (원일모)
  • Ahn Jang-hyeok (안장혁) as Prologue commentator
  • Kim Ri-won (김리원) as Reporter 2
  • Song Ye-joo (송예주) as Doctor
  • Jeong Mi-nam (정미남) as 
  • Han Ga-lim (한가림) as Taxi clien
  • Park Yong-jin (박용진) as Bus driver  
  • Lee Jong-goo (이종구) as Swimming Association head 
  • Kim Yeong-seon (김영선) as Woo-sang's mother
  • Kim Jeong-hak (김정학) as Reporter Han
  • Oh In-hye (오인혜) as coach







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