Thursday, 24 October 2013

If You Were Me 6 (2013 film)


If You Were Me 6 (미스체인지) is a 2013 South-Korean omnibus film directed by Lee Sang-Cheol (이상철), Min Yong-geun (민용근), Park Jung-bum (박정범) and Shin A-ga (신아가)


  • Movie: If You Were Me 6 / 어떤 시선 (2013 film)
  • Director: Lee Sang-Cheol (이상철), Min Yong-Geun (민용근), Park Jung-Bum (박정범), Shin A-Ga (신아가)
  • Release Date : October 24 , 2013
  • Runtime :107min
  • Genre : Omnibus
  • Distributor: Jinjin Pictures
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


An omnibus film series produced by the National Human Rights Commission , Park Jungbum explores relating to the handicapped, Lee Sangcheol and Shin Aga turn their camera on the elderly and Min Youngkeun looks at conscientious objection to military service.


  • Im Seong-Cheol (임성철) as Doo-han (두한)
  • Kim Han-Joo (김한주) as Cheol-woong (철웅)
  • Lee Yeong-seok (이영석) as Bong-goo (봉구)
  • Hwang Jae-won (황재원) as Haeng-woon (행운)
  • Kil Hae-yeon (길해연) as Mother (어머니)
  • Park Joo-Hee (박주희) as Yeon-joo (연주)
  • Gong Myeong (공명) as Seon-jae (선재)
  • Lee Ran-hee (이란희) as Hyeon-kyeong , woong's mom
  • Shin Woon-seob (신운섭) as woong's dad
  • Seo Jin-won (서진원) as teacher (선생님)
  • Jeong In-gi (정인기) as President (사장)
  • Kang In-hyeong (강인형) as Won-jae (원재)
  • Lee Dae-Yeon (이대연)
  • Yoo Jae-sang (유재상) as boy
  • Jeon So-hyeon (전소현)  cameo
  • Kim Nam-jin (김남진) cameo
  • Hwang Jeong-min (황정민) cameo


  • Busan International Film Festival (2013)


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